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Portable Sound System,Portronics,Pure Sound Pro BT 2

Pure Sound Pro BT 2

If music is your passion, then you’ve got to hear it on Pro BT 2. It plays your favourite songs from where you like it – your Mobile Phones or Tablets—out loud and clear in full audio—just about anywhere you want to play it. It's Portable, Durable and Simple to use. The package of this sound machine contains a remote control so as to control the operations remotely.
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Portable Projectors,Portronics,Pico Multimedia LED Projector

Pico Multimedia LED Projector

This is the true LED projector, which is well suited for Movies, Presentations or Training, anytime, anywhere.
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Portable Scanners,Portronics,Scanny 6 : Rechargeable Portable Scanner

Scanny 6 : Rechargeable Portable Scanner

World’s most advanced portable scanner with Rechargeable batteries.
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Portable Laptop Cooling Stands,Portronics,MY Buddy Plus-Portable laptop stand with cooling fan

MY Buddy Plus-Portable laptop stand with cooling fan

My Buddy Plus is the ultimate laptop accessory that allows the laptop users to access their laptop in any posture they desire.
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Portable Sound System,Portronics,Sound Pot Portable Bluetooth speaker

Sound Pot Portable Bluetooth speaker

Sound Pot is a small sized convenient electronic solution for listening to music anywhere and anytime, even while travelling due to its Bluetooth features.
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Portable Health Devices,Portronics,Phoni 3 A Retro Handset

Phoni 3 A Retro Handset

It is a retro handset which lets you talk through the phone but, it acts as an earphone with a mic without restricting the experience of holding the handset in your hands.
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Power Banks,Portronics,Power Note-16000 mAh Power Bank

Power Note-16000 mAh Power Bank

POWERNOTE is that it is world's slimmest 16000 mAh powerbank in the market today. It also has a great combination of Sleek Notebook looks with LCD display showing power status and an ultra-light weight design which can easily
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Portable Peripherals,Portronics,Wrapped-Lightning 4S Iphone/Ipad/Ipod Cable

Wrapped-Lightning 4S Iphone/Ipad/Ipod Cable

The Wrapped Lightning cable is a cable solution for Charging and Synch data to Iphone/Ipad/Ipod. The outer cable material is made from elegant and robust PVC material that makes it very flexible and long lasting.
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Portable Peripherals,Portronics,Muffs XT-Wireless Music Headphone

Muffs XT-Wireless Music Headphone

Connect wirelessly with your favourite music with Muffs XT on-ear Bluetooth Headphones. It uses latest Bluetooth 4.1 which works much better with 4G than Bluetooth 4.0 does. This means no interference with mobile 4G signals. Bluetooth 4.1 also conserves battery power much better for longer playtime and also gives "automatic reconnection" to devices which were earlier paired without the need to manually reconnect everytime. Also Muff XT with
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Adapters,Portronics,Car Power 2 (IOS) 4.8 Amp 3 USB Port with Lightning Cable

Car Power 2 (IOS) 4.8 Amp 3 USB Port with Lightning Cable

Charge your mobile devices in your car with this adapter; Works with your own USB cable also have a inbuilt lightning cable,
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Portable Sound System,Portronics,Posh Bluetooth Speaker

Posh Bluetooth Speaker

POSH comes with 6W inbuilt speakers for that great audio experience you always wanted from a great portable speaker.
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Digital Pen,Portronics,Electropen3: Bluetooth Digital Pen for Mobile, Tablets an...

Electropen3: Bluetooth Digital Pen for Mobile, Tablets an...

Electropen 3 is the perfect link between the Analog World and the Digital World. It uses normal pen refill and normal paper for note taking or sketching and converts these into real-time JPG images on the mobile, tablets and laptops.
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Portable Peripherals,Portronics,Pandora-S HDMI Streaming Dongle

Pandora-S HDMI Streaming Dongle

Pandora S media streaming device that helps you pitch your favourite entertainment straight from your Smartphone or Tablet onto your TV screen. Pandora S is the simplest way you can connect the displays of Televisions, Projectors & Monitors (HDMI enabled) to your Smartphone/ Tablet/Laptops “wirelessly” & enjoy your favourite content on the big screen.
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Portable Sound System,Portronics,Thunder 60W Bluetooth Sound Bar

Thunder 60W Bluetooth Sound Bar

Thunder is the real “mean machine” – all-in-all metallic and robust with superior sound output. Thunder is the perfect upgrade to your TV’s default speakers that is sure to pack a big punch to your TV’s sound. Thunder is absolutely compact and majorly improves dialogue clarity while providing more vibrant, full-range sound. What more, it takes up minimal space and is designed to flow with modern décor.
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Portable Peripherals,Portronics,YOGG Smart Wristband

YOGG Smart Wristband

The device comes with a 0.9-inch OLED display and can track the user’s daily activity, monitor sleep patterns, and more. It can also act as a beeper for calls and social networking messages. The device can be paired to iOS and Android devices via the YOGG app that is available on their respective stores. The built-in anti-theft/lost feature starts makes the device beep if the user moves more than 10 meters away from the configured smartphone.
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